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U-1-18 sealan
  • U-1-18 sealan

U-1-18 sealan

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U-1-18 sealant

Two-component sealant (viksint, compound) is received by Viksint of U-1-18 on the basis of low-molecular dimethylsiloxane rubber. Represents the pasty viscous material of white color possessing ability when mixing with the catalyst to be vulcanized at ambient temperature, passing into rubber-like state. Sealant is intended for superficial sealing of metal connections and for sealing of the equipment working in the environment of air at temperature from-60 to +300 °C.

U1-18 sealant keeps stability of properties of performance data at long operation in the conditions of sharp thermal gradients, the increased vibrations, tropical climate, UF-radiation, resistance to radiation. It also defines areas of its application. Sealant is applied in the aviation industry, the space-rocket industry, instrument making, the radio-electronic industry, shipbuilding, automotive industry, civil engineering, industrial construction, consumer services, art and decorative art. It can be applied to production of the flexible molding forms used for repeated replication of copies of products of difficult configuration.


I. Density, g/cm3 2,2
Ii.Zhiznesposobnost, h, in interval 0,5-6,0 h
III. Physicomechanical indicators
1. Conditional durability at gap, MPa, not less 2,1
2. Specific elongation at gap, % not less 160
3. Shore hardness And., conventional unit., in perdela 50-60
4. Anchoring strength when flaking from D16 aluminum alloy (gap on material or flaking on grid), kN/m, not less 1,4
5. Specific volume electric resistivity at temperature of 20 ° C, Ohm · cm 1-1013
6. Dielectric permeability with frequency of 106 Hz, no more 6,0
7. Electric strength at 200C, kV/mm, not less 5,0
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 06.12.2020

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