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VPZh-1-10-HS3 viscometer
  • VPZh-1-10-HS3 viscometer
  • VPZh-1-10-HS3 viscometer

VPZh-1-10-HS3 viscometer

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VPZh-1-10-HS3 viscometer

The viscometer — the device for determination of dynamic or kinematic viscosity of substance.

Kinds of viscometers:

s the falling ball
s the vibrating probe
puzyrkovy type

Capillary viscometers:

The principle of action is based on calculation of time of course of the set liquid volume through a narrow opening or a tube, at the set difference of pressure.

Most often liquid follows from the tank under the influence of a body weight, in that case viscosity is proportional to a difference of pressure between the liquid following from a capillary and the liquid at the same level following from very thick tube.

If the current of liquid in the device is carried out only under the influence of weight, then during the operation of the capillary viscometer kinematic (not dynamic) viscosity is defined. By means of the capillary viscometer are measured viscosity from 10 mkpas (gases) to 10 kpas.

Viscometers capillary VPZh are used to determination of kinematic viscosity of transparent liquids at positive and negative temperatures in all industries where fuel and lubricants oils, in laboratories of petrocreameries, in mechanical engineering, construction, etc. are used.

Measurement of viscosity by means of the VPZh viscometer is based on definition of time of the expiration through a capillary of a certain volume of liquid from the measuring tank. At the same time determination of kinematic viscosity is made on a formula:
V = g/9,807*T*K, where
g - acceleration of gravity in the place of measurement,
T - expiration time,
To - a viscometer constant.

VPZh viscometers are intended for operation in conditions, rated for execution of B3 in accordance with GOST 12 997.
Viscosity of transparent liquids is defined in accordance with GOST 33-200 (ISO 3104-84).
Degree of protection against IP 00 environment in accordance with GOST 14 520.

Name Diameter of a capillary, mm

Range of measurement of viscosity, mm2 / with

VPZh-1 3,75 viscometer


2000... 10000

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 06.12.2020

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